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The Thrifty Traveler – Discount Cards to Save You Bigtime in Barcelona

Barcelona is a real cultural delight and a great place to spend some time taking in the sights and doing some shopping or enjoying a meal in one of the many great restaurants.

Most of us have to work to a budget and all cities like Barcelona can soon eat away at your cash if you don’t take advantage of the discounts or offers available, so here are some tips to help you save money and still enjoy a great Spanish experience.

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Be a savvy spender


If you want to hold on to as many Euros as possible, a good starting point is to search out some good hotel deals through sites like Hipmunk, so that you don’t blow the budget on accommodation before you even get started.

Eating out

Always been on the lookout for Menú del Día at a restaurant you like the look of. This is the Spanish equivalent of a set lunch special and will almost always offer you the best value on the menu.

These Menú del Día deals are normally only available between Monday and Friday, but they are well worth searching out as you are likely to get three courses and a drink for much less than it would cost if you bought the items separately or without a special deal.

Using these offers to dine out during the day will save you money all round and will probably result in you spending less in the evening on food, as you will still be full from such a big lunch.

Buy a T10 card

The T10 is a metro card that allows you to buy ten rides on the metro in advance. When you consider that each ticket bought separately will cost you 2 Euros, the T10 becomes a no-brainer as it means you can travel for half the standard price.

Tourist cards worth getting

Visitors to Barcelona have a choice of cards that they can buy in advance of their visit, allowing them to make some substantial savings on the cost of transportation around the city and entry to some attractions and museums at a lower rate than you would pay directly at the door.

Barcelona Card

One of the most popular purchases is the Barcelona Card. This is a card issued by the Barcelona Tourism Board and included in the price is free transportation within zone 1 of the network, which actually covers the whole city plus a few nearby towns, so should be fine.

The card does also cover El Prat de Llobregat, which is where the airport is situated. You can buy anything between a 2-5 day pass and expect to pay up to 52 Euros, depending on how long you are staying in Barcelona and intend to use the card.

The fact that the locals buy this card probably tells you that it is good value and worth getting if you are going to use the public transport system rather than simply walking around the city.

HolaBCN! Card

This is newer innovation and offered by the Barcelona Transport Authority, offering you free transportation around zone 1 for the duration of the card.

This card is also offered on a 2-5 day basis and will cost up to 31 Euros, which is less than the Barcelona card, but you are only paying for transport and not getting any of the other perks.


If you plan some cultural experiences in the city of Barcelona, you might want to consider buying an Articket, which entitles you to discounted entrance to six of the most important art museums in the city.

The Articket will save you at least 10% off your ticket prices when you order online, so it could be worth getting if you intend to soak up some culture and visit these prestigious art galleries while you are staying in Barcelona.

It is easy to get carried away on holiday, but if you are a thrifty traveler and take advantage of some great discount deals on offer, you should be able to spend a bit more on Tapas and sangria if you want to.

Doris Allred is an archeologist. She loves to write about her travels to post on the web. Her articles can be found on many travel and vacation websites.


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