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The Rewards At Nordstrom Helping You Save Big Time

shopping-mall-1316787_640Nordstrom is an American fashion retailer founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. The store has its headquarters in Seattle and over 300 stores throughout Canada along with an online store. It not only deals with clothes but many other fashion accessories like shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, and bags etc. It has evolved over the century to rise up as a leading fashion retailer providing all that you would need to look pretty under the same roof. Since it has been around for such a long time, it has managed to attract many loyal customers. This is the reason that the store has started up with reward systems where it benefits the customers who are loyal to it.

Nordstrom card reward system

It is more like a debit card the store offers that accumulates points for every purchase you make at their store. These points are equivalent to free Nordy money which you can use anytime to avail free gifts and discount options in the store. This card is available for everyone who wants to include himself on the store’s list of loyal customers and end up earning points to get free stuff. These points are not only applicable for the walk-in customers but for those as well who make use of the store’s online shopping facilities as well.

Apart from this, the store sends out regular emails to all the cardholders with exclusive deals and Nordstrom promo codes that are meant just for them. For example, there was an instant where all the debit cardholders were emailed to bring along a friend and avail $20 worth of points from the store if the friend signed up for their debit card too. This shows that when you sign up for their card, you read all their emails very thoroughly to know what else they have in store for you.

Another way to know about these deals is to like their page on Facebook and stay constantly aware of any upcoming offers that are meant exclusively for their card holding loyal customers. Nordstrom page si constantly updated and maintained to include all their deals and exclusive offers. So in case you have missed out their email, you can always stay aware through their Facebook page.

However, there is a catch. For you to avail all such offers, the store wants you to spend $2000 in their store first. Now this is a lot of money considering that it is only a clothing store. Not everyone can spend this much on clothes and shoes only. This is why the store has come up with ways where you can earn reward points much faster

  • Shop only on days when the reward points are doubled or tripled. There are days when the store doubles and even triples your reward points for every purchase you make on that day. Be aware of such deals and make use of them. This way you can earn $2000 worth of reward points much faster. So in order to avail the $20 worth of free points on reward points of $2000, shop only on days when your reward points get multiplied.


Of course, there are sale days as well. You can always buy stuff at discounted prices during their sale season. They have different types of sales going on throughout the year. Annual sales, the seasonal sales that are applicable to all sorts of items available in their store. You can always head to the store during these times to avail amazing discounts on your favorite items and accessories.

Everybody likes to shop and it all gets even better if you can save up a little every time you go a little extravagant on your shopping spree. Shop intelligently though. Only buy things that you really need. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go on wasting your money on things you wouldn’t need. This is why Nordstrom offers $20 worth of saving points whenever you spend $2000 in their store. So keep shopping and keep saving!

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