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The purpose of Clever Dude

I had a comment on my “Elevator Post” that the article wasn’t about finance and was irrelevant to this site. I want to set something straight though.

If you want a pure finance site, this isn’t the site for you. Most PF blogs aren’t for you then. Actually, I don’t know of any sites that only talk about money. Most sites at least give money stories. I tell stories about me and my money, or others and their money. That’s why I say my site is a “Personal Finance” site. It’s personal, and then there’s some finance in there somewhere.

If you wanted to get technical, the elevator post was about finances in that my time is worth money, and the energy to run the elevator costs money. There, are you happy now?

So, what is the real purpose of A little bit of the following:

  • To be a sounding board for my ideas and problems. That means I want your input, whether I’m wrong or right (and I’ll admit I’m wrong alot).
  • To educate whenever possible. Generally I like to educate out of my own mistakes, but I also do some research and post the results or just comment on current affairs.
  • To have a hobby. I really didn’t have anything to take up my time before this site. I was on “the bench” at work (i.e. getting paid to watch TV at home), so I got this going. It didn’t turn into a PF blog until this past January. However, I do have a full-time job.

Notice that the following were not included (because they aren’t my goals):

  • To always be right
  • To make money (although I do)
  • To have the most subscribers (or best ranking in any category)
  • To show off

Every day is a surprise. I went from 1 subscriber (me) to 744 (highest to-date). I’m almost under the 13,000 mark on Technorati (which is a good thing). I have thousands of people visiting my site monthly. And all I do is write stories and give a few common-sense tips.

Why do I keep writing? Because it helps me, and I hear that it helps you too. Sometimes I make stupid remarks, and you call me on it. I realize I was wrong, admit it, and learn something in the process. I’m not stubborn, but I am ignorant sometimes.

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  • Hey Clever Dude. I enjoy your blog greatly, and I appreciate that you feel free to write about whatever you like. Nothing’s irrelevant if it’s what you want to write about. :>

  • Really, a site called getting bashed for not writing SOLELY on personal finance? It would seem that the site could be all about surfing with a name like cleverdude. Post the content that you feel is relevant cleverdude and remember that a negative comment stands out just as much as 10 positive ones, even though it represents a small percentage of what your readership thinks. I enjoy the stories, and it’s why I subscribe to this site… in fact, CleverDude is going on my blogroll!

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