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The News On Home Insurance For Roofing

Any homeowner knows that the roof is without a doubt one of the most important components of the without. Without the roof, any homeowner’s family would be completely vulnerable and exposed to the elements. What’s even more troubling is that when the roof springs a leak it could lead to major damaging inside the home. Sure, there is home insurance available that will cover a variety of repairs and replacements, but what do homeowners really know about this insurance that they are paying for. Will they really be protected in the event that their contractor suggests that they need to replace the roof decking? Well, according to the latest news homeowners might want to brush up on their policies and speak with their insurance providers.

Limits The Extent

One recent news article published shows that Texas and other states are really limiting the extent to which roofing contractor can be involved in the insurance claim process. For instance, just look at the Texas Insurance Code. This very code prevents the adjustors from acting as a contractor. However, it also restricts the contractor’s ability to make claims on behalf of the property owner. Even if the said contractor is state licensed. What this basically means is that there is no contractor in the Texas area legally about to make an insurance claim on behalf of the property owner.

What Can The Contractor Do?

It is the contractor’s job to render opinions on what does and does not need to be repaired or replaced. However, it seems that this is pretty much where the contractor’s role ends. The contractor can depict whether or not the repairs or replacements are covered under the insurance policy. For instance, the contractor can tell the homeowner that the roof decking needs to be completely replaced due to continuous leaking. However, said contractor cannot negotiate with the insurance company as to whether these repairs should be covered under the homeowner’s current insurance policy. When homeowners are dealing with any roofing contractor they need to make sure that these individuals are covered with roofing contractors insurance.

Rising Attention

A roofing contractor would be the most informed individual to tell a homeowner about his or her roof and the condition it is in so why can’t they dispute with the insurance company as to whether the repairs should or shouldn’t be covered? That is the thought of many homeowners and this very thought has raised a lot of questions and drawn a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it seems that all of this has fallen on deaf ears. However, there has been some pushback since the official ruling that contractors can’t have a say so. In November 2018 there was a Law360 article titled “There’s A Storm Brewing For Some Texas Contractors.” In this article is clearly discusses and provides insight into the recent Texas Supreme Court ruling and why it decided not to hear a roofing contractor’s challenged to ruling that a certified call that certain repairs and replacements should be covered. Any homeowner or roofing contractor would be highly advised to check it out.

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