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The mystery deepens: Verizon 20% discount update

Yesterday, I told you my Verizon Wireless bill unexpectedly showed a 20% discount, even though I never asked for one.

Today, I got a letter from Verizon Wireless:

Dear Clever Dude (yep, they call me that too),

Thank you for your continued loyalty to Verizon Wireless. This letter confirms your request on August 10, 2007 to add the discount of promotional offer, listed below, to your wireless number (XXX) XXX-XXXX (dang, it’s hard to call me). We have also listed the details concerning your wireless service below. For your records, enclosed is a copy of your Customer Information Overview and Customer Agreement.

For specific details about your rate and coverage area, please refer to the back of this letter.

Verizon Wireless

Looking down the page, I see under the Promotion Description section a single line listed as “20% Access Discount” started on 08/10/2007. My contract end date has not changed (it’s 06/10/09). That’s 2 years from when I got my new phone, so they didn’t secretly change my contract dates.

Has anyone else gotten a surprise discount?

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