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The Millionaire Mindset: Change Your Behavior to Be a Magnet for Money

default_clever_dude_imageDid you know it doesn’t take a lot of money to be rich?

When you think of wealthy people, you probably think of those making more than a million dollars. The reality is that a rich mindset allows you to live like a millionaire without actually having a million dollars. Here’s how it’s done and how you can do the same.

Write Down Specific Money Goals

Most people are terrible at making money-related goals. They don’t realize that making money is a very specific action, and that very specific actions are required to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

The idea of setting goals seems daunting, and often difficult. Buy a spiral notebook. This will make the process of goal-setting much easier. Review ideas that you have throughout the day and write them down. Periodically, take an idea that you have when driving or walking or just relaxing and think on it. Is this an idea that you can use to make money?

If your goal is to make more money, write down all ideas as to how you might achieve this goal. The idea is that any idea might be a “money making” one, so you don’t want to forget it or let it slip away from you.

Focus on process-based goals, rather than outcome-based goals. Processes are things you can do. Outcomes are things you can’t control.

Use The Magic Wand Technique

You can practice this exercise of fantasizing about your goals and ideas – do it regularly. This is sometimes referred to as ‘the magic wand technique.” It’s used to get you into the habit of thinking “outside the box.” It’s particularly helpful if you think there are obstacles or limitations that keep you from achieving your goals. Imagine that you can wave this magic wand and remove all of those limitations. What would the path to success look like.

Project Your Vision Forward

What would your goal look like when it’s complete? What would it be like to build a successful business in a particular industry or field? How big would your company be? How many people would you employ? Would you outsource a lot of the work or would you try to retain in-house talent and grow your company from within?

Building up a visual structure of your company before it actually occurs will help you create a picture or outline of your ideal company. Different divisions of your business that need to exist and ones that maybe you hadn’t thought of.

Over time, this ideal vision of your business might change. In fact, it’s almost certain to. But, it’s still a good idea to have that idea in your head so that you have something to work toward.

Practice “Mind-Storming”

One of the most powerful methods of stimulating creative thinking is called mind-storming. Sometimes, people refer to this as the 20-idea method. More people have used this method to become wealthy than any other method ever discovered. Basically, you take any problem or goal you have and write it down at the top of a sheet of paper or your spreadsheet.

Now, reformulate it as a question. Let’s say your goal is to double your income over the next 12 months. How do you do that?

That’s the natural question that comes up, isn’t it? Well, this is exactly what you write down: “How do I double my income over the next 12 months?”

Then, you write out 20 answers to that question. If you can come up with more, so be it. The more, usually, the better. The answers you come up with will give you a clue as to how you might break through your current ceiling. It gets your creative juices flowing.

Save More Money

Most people don’t save enough money. A basic rule of thumb is that you should be saving at least 10 percent of your income. If you save just $100 per month from the time you started work at 20 years old until you retired at age 65, you might be able to accumulate upwards of $1 million. But, this assumes a rate of return of 10%. This is not realistic for most people. That’s why increased savings is usually necessary.

If you cut the interest rate in half, you would have to save $700 per month, or 7 times the original amount ($100), to get the same or more savings. But, you would be financially more disciplined and financially savvy than if you saved just $100. You would also be taking significantly less risk with your money.

Most people aren’t so disciplined that they can save that much each and every month, and forgo higher risk investments. But, if you can, you will have mastered how to manifest money.

Don’t Forget To Take Action

Most people draw up battle plans, but they forget to take action on them. Focused questions stimulate your mind, but they don’t do anything to help you put those ideas into action. At some point, you have to stop thinking and just do it.

Katherine Hurst is a regular woman who used to live a normal lifestyle with all the usual challenges many often face… until one day something happened and changed her life forever. She discovered the Law of Attraction and began a new, life-changing chapter in her life. She now manages the world’s largest Law of Attraction community with well over 2 million people. Her mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.

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