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The Importance of Being Legally Savvy


You can’t tell what’s going to happen to you, and there are many situations where you can be injured and someone else is liable for compensating your damages. But if you don’t know your rights, someone could fundamentally alter the course of your life and never take the proper responsibility.

Consider a situation at, say, a coal mine. If you’re operating your equipment correctly and a managerial kerfuffle puts your life at risk, you may die and leave a family that doesn’t have a breadwinner anymore. Or you could be injured and that injury could make it so that you’re unable to hold down a regular job.

Now the coal mine involved will have a number of legal organizations that should already hold them culpable, but that’s no guarantee that you or your family will obtain the settlement you need. And even if the coal mine is working within all strictures of the organization that holds people responsible, they could still withhold justice.

Think about it critically. Although coal mine accidents are at an all-time low nationally (especially among “open-pit” mining operations where there are reduced dangers), there are still devastating on-the-job injuries that occur in this dangerous occupation every year.

Critically Consider the Situation

The numbers have dropped from 1,489 in 1900, to nine in 2016. That’s a pretty substantial drop! But what is a human life worth? Well, the EPA puts this statistic at about $9.1 million. The math on that works out to $81.9 million that should technically be doled out for those nine deaths in 2016.

Do you think the mines that had fatalities paid that much to the families of the victims? Maybe, maybe not. There are definitely cases where people suffer wrongful deaths across the country and are not compensated to the tune of $9.1 million. You need a good attorney to get that kind of award, and in the case of a death, you should.

But the reality is that coal mines have good attorneys as well, and they’ll try and limit the coverage they’re liable for in the event of such situations as much as possible. They’ve got an built-in profit incentive to do so. It makes sense, underhanded though it may be.

If you want to get the settlement you are eligible for in a workplace injury case, you certainly don’t want to trust in the generosity of the employer with whom you worked. It’s much better to get a lawyer on your side. is the website for Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz; this workers compensation law firm acknowledges that “knowledge is power.” The site goes further to point out that this firm “is here to help educate you to understand how the workers compensation process works . . . to obtain the highest recovery . . . on your case.”

Getting Back on Your Feet

You can physically recover from your injuries, but if you don’t have some sort of compensation to help you, the medical bills alone could keep you in perpetual debt, and that’s really not right when the responsible party was your employer.

Then there’s the time you lose in recovery. How can you do physical labor with a broken limb? This will make recovery take longer. But where does the “bread” come from if the working party of the household is unable to bring it in? Even if more than one family member works, there could be substantial quality-of-life losses when an injury occurs.

Lastly, what about the psychological damage? An injury is exactly the kind of thing that can result in PTSD. You may never be able to do certain things in your life again—things that you loved or that were integral to you. With the right legal representation, you can experience greater justice in these and other areas.

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