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The Hidden Costs of Pregnancy

It’s no secret that having a child is expensive. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter my immediate thought process went to figuring out a budget for the pregnancy and year following. In hindsight, I realize how unprepared we actually were. We were the first ones to have a baby out of our friends or family in many years, so a lot of the advice we were getting was outdated or poorly researched on our part. There was a lot of rolling with the punches in terms of our budget. By our second child we were much more prepared.

Here are a few unexpected expenses that we didn’t foresee coming but that you could reasonably expect to include if you find yourself pregnant.  

Maternity Clothes Budget

I obviously knew I would need some maternity clothes but I had no idea how much I would need or how much they would cost. I spend little to no money on clothes so I really thought I’d be able to get away with maybe spending like $1-200 for my pregnancy staples and move on….nope. One good fitting bra alone can easily cost $100++. One. It still irks me now expensive maternity clothes are (added to the fact that we don’t have access to anything like Target around here). I was able to find a few used pieces on local buy/sell but I personally would not buy used undergarments and, there were very few used clothing options anyway. I have no idea what I actually spent but I can say it was significantly more.

Massage Therapy/Chiropractor/Podiatrist

Pregnancy is physically taxing. There was no way I could have prepared for the some of the extreme physical discomfort I experienced. Obviously growing a human is physically exhausting but in combination with my demanding job and overly loose joints (related to pregnancy) I could not have got through without seeing my massage therapist on the regular. Another friend of mine basically lived at her chiropractor’s office and also ended up needing to see a podiatrist in Sydney to help with a pregnancy related gait issue.


Our prescription drugs are covered under our private healthcare plan but there were many things I depended on for my pregnancy that are regular pharmacy items that were completely necessary. A few things that I needed were: Tums and Zantac (copious amounts of both, the heartburn was unreal), Tylenol (again, related to the physical pain I was having), new soap (I know this sounds weird but the smell of our regular soap actually made me want to vomit so I needed to change all the soap in the house) and a few things I don’t need to detail on the internet. No doubt in my mind I spent hundreds that I wasn’t expecting to.

Everyone talks about how expensive having a child is, but rarely do we talk about all these hidden pregnancy costs!

What were some of the pregnancy related costs that you weren’t expecting?

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