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“The Finish Rich Dictionary” Book Review and Giveaway

After reviewing and giving away 3 copies of the “Skinny On” books, I got a bit of an urge to get through more of my book pile. Up next: “The Finish Rich Dictionary: 1001 Financial Words You Need to Know” by David Bach.

I’ll admit it’s difficult to review a dictionary, and I’m definitely not going to read through the whole thing, but I picked out a few key terms, and skimmed through others, to see how David defines each.

What makes this dictionary different than just Googling the search term, or looking it up on Well, not much, but you do get focused financial articles such as “How to buy a home”, “Understanding your credit score”, “Top 10 money mistakes that people make”.

However, I’m not going to try to write a glowing review for one reason. While this is a great resource to have, I foresee only a niche audience who would actually need to BUY a copy and use often. For the rest of us, it may just take up space on our bookshelf as we just find the answers online. But on that note, I’m going to give TWO of you an opportunity to win a FREE copy and see for yourself if it would have been worth buying.

And Now for the Book Giveaway!!!

The contest is closed and the winners notified. Check back to find out who won!

Leave a comment on this article by 5pm EST on Saturday, October 24th, 2009. I’ll use a random integer generator to draw 2 winning numbers, and then email the winners to make sure they’re willing to claim their prize (i.e. send me their mailing address). The winners will have 48 hours to get back to me to confirm, or I draw a new winner. Once confirmed, I’ll announce the winner in a new post.

Feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed or email newsletter to learn when the winners are announced and when I post another giveaway.

Contest Rules

  • I only ship to the the U.S.  Don’t complain, it’s on my own dime.
  • I will ask for your name and address for shipping, but I promise to destroy the information and never sell/share it
  • Void where prohibited by law
  • You can only enter ONE TIME. If I draw your name and see you’ve entered already, I’ll delete your entry and redraw.

Now comment! This is the most frugal way to get this book. It’s even delivered right to your doorstep (at my cost)!

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