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The Easiest and Fastest Ways to Get Money for a Vacation

lake-tahoe-1591339_640To be honest, there is no quick fix when it comes to saving. For a lot of people, there isn’t very much that they can cut out of their life to save costs. But, if you make little savings wherever you can and start being smarter about what you do with your savings, a sandy beach and a pina colada isn’t too far in the future.

Get organized

The first thing you should be doing at the beginning of every month is budgeting. If you want to save money and keep it ‘saved’ rather than accidentally spend it, then you’re going to have to start being smarter about the way you save. Plan out a monthly budget to make sure you’re not spending any more money than you need to and out the money you want to save in a safe place. If you’re eager to save up quickly, arrange for automatic payments to come out of your account after payday to go into a savings account for your vacation. That way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re free to spend.

When it comes to budgeting, the first thing you should always do is pay your bills. Pay them on time to get them out of the way and get a better idea of how much money you have left to live on. If you’re having trouble paying loans you might need to use payday loans to pay your bills, although you should avoid at all costs getting yourself into a spiral of debt. Avoid taking out loans unless you’re positive you can pay them back and never use them for luxuries.


The place where most of our money goes is usually into our homes. While rent and mortgages can’t be avoided, there is no reason why 70% of your income needs to go into your utilities. There are so many ways for you to cut costs here and start saving bundles

  • Compare Suppliers: How long have you been with the same electric company? When was the last time you shopped around? Many people fall into the trap of staying with their supplier for too long, so get back online and start comparing companies. Making a switch to a different supplier might just cut your bills in half.
  • Start Conserving: This is the most obvious way to save money on your utilities – just start using less. Start bundling up and save on heating; time your showers; turn your lights off when you leave a room; and get some energy saving gadgets, like water saving showerheads and energy efficient light bulbs. Every little bit helps.
  • Learn to DIY: Learning how to fix appliances and gadgets around the house can not only save money you would have spent on hiring a repairmen, but it can also prevent you from wasting energy. Leaky pipes drain your money like anything else and if your refrigerator door can’t close properly you might as well be throwing your cash out the window. Get used to making quick fixes to save money around the house.

Get rid of what you don’t need

Do you have a gym membership that you’re paying for but not using? Do you insist on buying that extra padded, super luxurious toilet paper? Have you ever given in to temptation and bought a gadget off of the shopping channel even though you have absolutely no intention of using it? It’s time to stop. Decluttering your life is a great way to save and even make money. Sell what you don’t need and cut back on the luxuries and branded items. This especially applies to your grocery shopping.

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