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The Clever Investor: Loyal3 Update 9/14/2015

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It’s been a roller coaster on Wall Street since my last Clever Investor update marked by wild swings in both directions. Overall, however, the stock market as fallen dramatically. A streak of days that saw the market fall hundreds of points started right after my last update, and while I didn’t panic and sell my small investment I decided against plunking an additional $50 into the market in August.


Before looking at how the market treated me over the last 30 days, let’s review the rules for my Clever Investor game:

  • Investments are made using the 100% Free investment platform, Loyal3
  • I will invest an additional $50 a month based upon results
  • Results are reviewed in the middle of the month

Stock Market

  • As of closing on 8/14/2015: 17,477
  • As of closing on 9/11/2015: 16,433
  • Month Change: -1044 (-5.97%)


Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • Previous Value: $138.13
  • Current Value: $141.86
  • Month Change: +$3.73 (+2.7%)


  • Previous value: $45.25
  • Current Value: $44.55
  • Month Change: -$0.70 (-1.55%)

I have to admit, I’m surprised by the results. While my Apple stock still lost value, it still out performed the market overall. My favorite wing restaurant actually continued to gain value. Looks like I made a mistake in not throwing my usual $50 in the market at my top performing stock. I won’t be making that mistake again, as I’ve already put in my order for another $50 buy of Buffalo Wild Wings. It looks like I’ve latched onto a good stock, and I’m ready to ride it as far as it will take me.

How did your stocks fare in light of the stock market nose dive this past month?

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Brock Kernin


  • I’ve been investing through this platform for the past couple of months. My portfolio is down, but I’m investing in dividend-paying stocks. This allows me to build up even more shares when the market is down. I’m hoping to build this up into a nice stash over a few years.

  • Hey that’s pretty cool! How is it that I’ve never seen Loyal3 before?

    At first blush, this looks like a great way for kids to learn some of the fundamentals of investing. No minimums and no fees almost sounds too good to be true. I’m off to do some more research…

    Thanks for sharing your experience in this experiment!

  • @Chris – Awesome, another Loyal3 user! Glad to hear you’re making money via dividends even though the market is down over all…you know what they say, what goes down must go up, right?

  • @Bret – I’ve had that same thought! It’s true though…I’ve been using it for quite awhile now, and there are no fees charged, ever! It would be a great platform to get kids introduced to the world of investing!

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