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The Clever Investor: Loyal3 Update 02/17/2016

My stocks got absolutely hammered last month, but that didn’t stop me from staying the course with my investments. I took the perspective that stocks were on sale, and I should buy while prices were low. Eventually the market, and the value of my stocks, will go up and I’ll reap the rewards. So, last month I added $25 worth of stock for my favorite wing restaurant, and $25 worth of Apple stock.

Before looking at the specifics of how my stocks performed over the last 30 days, let’s review the rules for my Clever Investor game:

  • Investments are made using the 100% Free investment platform, Loyal3 which allows me to invest in increments as low as $10.
  • I will invest an additional $50 a month, budget willing, based upon results
  • Results are reviewed in the middle of the month (approximately)

Here we go!

Stock Market

  • As of closing on 01/15/2016: 15,988
  • As of closing on 02/16/2016: 16,296
  • Month Change: +308 (+1.9%)


Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • Previous Value: $166.87 (After $25 investment)
  • Current Value: $170.86
  • Month Change: +$3.99 (+2.4%)


  • Previous value: $62.86 (After $25 investment)
  • Current Value: $63.28
  • Month Change: +$0.42 (+0.07%)

Lifetime Performance:

  • Amount invested: $260
  • Current Value: $234.14
  • Change: -$25.86 (-9.9%)

Look at that, both stocks actually gained value over the last 30 days! Have we turned a corner? Check back next month and find out!

How did your investments do last month?

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