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The Clever Investor: Loyal3 Update 01/18/2016

It seems that Wall Street’s eyes have been focused on China over the last week or so, and the news hasn’t been good. The economic conditions in China have caused their markets to drop significantly, which also spread into the US markets. Significant losses have occurred this month, so as I started to do my monthly Loyal3 investment review I braced myself for bad news.

Before looking at the specifics of how my stocks performed over the last 30 days, let’s review the rules for my Clever Investor game:

  • Investments are made using the 100% Free investment platform, Loyal3
  • I will invest an additional $50 a month, budget willing, based upon results
  • Results are reviewed in the middle of the month (approximately)

Here we go!

Stock Market

  • As of closing on 12/18/2015: 17,128
  • As of closing on 01/15/2016: 15,988
  • Month Change: -1140 (-6.7%)


Buffalo Wild Wings:

  • Previous Value: $148.19
  • Current Value: $141.87
  • Month Change: -$6.32 (-4.3%)


  • Previous value: $41.31
  • Current Value: $37.86
  • Month Change: -3.45 (-8.4%)

Lifetime Performance:

  • Amount invested: $210
  • Current Value: $179.73
  • Change: -$30.27 (-14.4%)

As expected, my stocks lost significantly again this month. Instead of wallowing in the bad news of another down month, I’m going to take on a different perspective. If we look at the history of the market, over time it increases. I’m in this for the long haul, so this is simply a time when stocks are on sale! I’m going to take advantage of the sale, and put in my order TODAY for my first $50 stock purchase of the year through Loyal3. I’ll split it down the middle, $25 to Buffalo Wild Wings, and $25 to Apple.

I’m not sure if I hope stocks stay on sale so I can pump more money into them, or for the market to start to recover.

The brilliant thing about loyal3.com is that you can buy shares for as little as $10 bucks, which is great because most people are cash constrained and can only afford to make small transactions.  Other brokerage firms aren’t geared towards small time investors, so Loyal3 has been great.

Have you stopped investing due to the current market conditions, or are you staying the course?

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