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The Best Ways to Save Money on Your iPhone

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Cell phones can be a huge money suck if you let them be. New versions are constantly coming out, carriers want to charge crazy rates, and repairs can be expensive. Your phone can cost you thousands of dollars per year if you’re not careful. Apple’s iPhone in particular is one expensive piece of telecommunications equipment. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you take some time to plan you can save some significant cash when it comes to your cell phone. Here are the best ways to save money on your iPhone.

Shop Around for Service

Prepaid phone service used to be something a lot of people would avoid. The phones were horrible and the minutes you got could be eaten up fairly quickly. But that has all changed.

There are many prepaid phone services where you can get great deals, great service, and iPhones for less than half the price you’d get with a contract phone.

Take some time to shop around for prepaid or pay-as-you-go phone service. Not all companies are created equal so be sure to look at terms and available phone options before switching. I personally find that AT&T was significantly more expensive than T-Mobile for my data usage patterns, so I dumped my contract with them as soon as I possibly could.

At this point paying more and being stuck in a contract really is a money wasting choice.

Repair Your Phone

If you have kids with slippery fingers then I’m sure you know all about the dreaded cell phone drops. One of my kids recently dropped my phone on a tile floor causing all kinds of damage.

iPhone repair kits are great to have around when problems like these come up. You can fix your screen yourself even if you aren’t particularly good at DIY. This can potentially save you hundreds of dollars compared to what you would pay someone at the Apple store. Another alternative is to go to your local Apple store and pay them to repair the phone. I did this when my iPhone 5 broke and it cost me about $180, which was much cheaper than the $600 a new phone would have cost.

Don’t Upgrade All the Time

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Another major money suck cell phones cause is feeling the need to constantly upgrade your phone. Apple iPhones are not cheap and there’s no need to get the latest phone every time it comes out. In addition, Apple’s more recent iPhones have been roundly criticized as being less dynamic than in previous years, so the “wow factor” is wearing off the iPhone somewhat.

Use your phone as long as you possibly can to save yourself some money.  By following these three simple tips you can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year on your iPhone.

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