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The Best Career in the Military

Military today offers a broad spectrum of opportunities that will give the most of career satisfaction just like any other field. Having rigorously wadded through a huge chunk of career paths available in the military and with a clear mindset of the career path to follow; government resume writers comes in handy when you need to develop a resume that will stand out from other military job applicants.  Any of the following career choices puts you in line with the most amazing job experience in the military field:

  • Coast Guard Machinery Mechanic

As a machinery technician, you will spend most of your time fixing Coast Guard engines, pumps, and generators. You will also do a lot of servicing from tiny rafts to icebreakers. If all these hands-on practices make you happy, then this is the best career to take.

  • Army Operations Manager

Most of the operations manager begin by working their way into operations shops before rising to the managerial positions which entail manning all the missions and making sure the teams are sufficiently supplied with everything needed to succeed in the assigned task.

  • Army Logistic Officer

If you are looking for some adventure, then logistic management is an incredible option. From planning routes to driving trucks and commissioning convoys through enemy territory, army logistic management is all adventure.

  • Army Human Resource Specialist

The human resource slot has received a lot of ridicule because it hardly involves combat. But wait until you see the happy faces of human resource specialists. They seem to draw a lot of thrill in personnel tracking and manning pay slips.

  • Navy Hospital Corpsman

This includes both hospital nursing and field medics. You will be charged with administering medication to sailors, marines among others, both ashore and in combat. This slot is quite involving but can be quite fulfilling when you get to do what you love.

  • Coast Guard Operations Specialist

This is another top slot in the Coast Guard section. As a Coast Guard operations specialist, you are charged with helping in planning ship operations, charting courses and allocating resources. The slot rates quite well among the glassdoor users.

  • Air Force Intelligence Analyst

As an Air Force Intelligence Analyst, you will do a lot of collecting images, signals, testimony among other intel and putting them together in hard thoughts and tonnage of paperwork. You will be all busy cracking up the enemies’ secret spots.

  • Coast Guard Information System Technician

As a Coast Guard Information System Technician puts you right in the middle of IT. You are tasked with keeping computers in proper conditions to communicate including setting up local networks whenever required.

Final Word

Military jobs may seem all similar on the outside, but there is a lot more to discover beneath if you have that positive energy that keeps urging you up the ladder. You don’t have to stop at simply being a soldier. There are a lot more ways to scale up your career life in any field of interest while in the military. All you need to do is to identify the best career for you and start working your way up.

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