The 4 Best Shopping Cart Covers in 2017

shopping-cart-3873_640What to look for in an ideal shopping cart cover?

When parents have to carry the baby around with comfort and security during shopping they often opt for the shopping cart covers. There are many types of shopping carts available in the markets that the parents can select from or order online. However, with countless choices available the selecting process might become overwhelming for many.

Here are a few tips to remember when buying shopping cart covers for your child.

  • Safety the safety of your child is the most important thing and cannot be compromised on. It is important to opt for the cart covers that have sturdy safety belts and straps which are adjustable as well
  • Comfort it is important to select a shopping cart cover that is comfortable to avoid your child throwing tantrums in the shopping center and spoiling the trip. A child will remain seated comfortably if the cart cover is snug
  • Cleanliness & design always opt for the cart covers that are waterproof and can be washed easily in the machines. The waterproof cart cover will prevent staining caused due to spills etc. When it comes to design invest in cart covers that are durable. Preferably they should have stitched sides and seams which are secured. Also it should have enough space to carry snack/toy /phone etc.

The is one of the best platforms online to get information about the shopping cart covers and other baby products available for kids.

The Best Shopping Cart Covers

  1. Infantino 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover

The salient features of this shopping cart which has been designed to offer effectiveness include;

  1. It is germ-free and keeps the baby clean
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. It can stretch to cover the seat, handle bar and the back rest of the cart easily
  4. The loops provided help in keeping the baby accessories like toys, sippy cup in place making it an ideal choice when shopping
  5. It comes with a safety harness belt for the safety of the child
  6. It also includes a teether to keep the baby occupied and comfortable.
  7. It is easy to carry the Infantino 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover around as it can be popped into the diaper bag or carried on shoulder
  8. The Infantino 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover can also be used on a high chair at restaurants
  9. This shopping cart cover is easily available at Amazon, eBay,, Walmart
  1. Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cart Cover

Another favorite shopping cart cover is the Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cart Cover which is one of the most comfortable type available with;

  1. Soft positioner which is ultra-squishy to fit in any type of cart
  2. This shopping cart cover has leg holes and enough space so that the baby can sit upright while one moves around the cart
  3. Moreover, it can be used for a longer time as even when the baby grows it can be removed from the underside to use the product’s strong straps for support and safety utilizing the sturdy straps
  4. This shopping cart cover also comes withlarge vinyl pockets to keep baby things so that you don’t have to hunt them in your purse or bag. These can also be used for keeping your personal stuff like cell phone etc. when shopping with kids
  5. The product also comes with two extra loops with which different toys or teether can be attached for the comfort of the baby
  6. This shopping cart is easy to fold and takes up little space. The best thing is that it can be folded into a pouch and can be carried around easily
  7. This shopping cart cover is water proof which makes is much easier for cleaning
  8. However, it is important to remember that this product does not come with any sort of guarantee and thus it is advised not to keep pointed or sharp objects in this cart cover so that the vinyl doesn’t become cracked
  9. The summer infant cart cover is available at; Amazon, Walmart,, com,,,
  1. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

The parents who are looking for the right shopping cart cover for their infant should opt for a shopping cart hammock instead. This company has the best option for hammocks in the most appealing colors to select from. There are many reasons to select a cart hammock;

  1. It requires lesser space than an infant carrier and can be placed in the middle of the cart and spread along its width
  2. It can be clipped on the sides and is left hanging putting it into rocking motion every time the cart moves forward hence providing comfort for the infant
  3. It can be rolled up easily to fit a purse or a diaper bag
  4. It is strong enough to carry the weight of the infant carrier seat
  5. The product has been design to exceed the safety standards and features a very strong design
  6. However, it should never be used without the safety straps
  7. The material of the cart hammock is 97% cotton which will feel soft against the baby skin
  8. Also it is machine washable
  9. This product is readily available at Amazon,,, Target
  10. Buggy Bagg Elite 

This shopping cart cover is being rated as one of the best by the parents as it is available in three different designs each of which is well padded and very effective and comfortable. Some of the best features of this cart cover include;

  1. It covers the seat completely giving ample room to the child.
  2. The interior of the cart cover is polyester and padded and the exterior is one hundred percent made from cotton.
  3. It comes with a removable cushion pillow near the handle so that children can be protected against bangs
  4. It also contains cup and bottle holders, has a separate section with container for diapers and wipes etc.
  5. The cart cover also includes loops that can be used for toys to keep the child entertained
  6. This product too can be washed easily in machine and tumble dry on low
  7. The safety strap of the cart cover has been designed to offer sturdiness and to fit ant any type of the cart
  8. This product can be bought from, eBay, Walmart
  1. Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair

This type is best for the parents with twins and is available in six different styles. The product includes;

  1. Large leg holes to accommodate twins along with two sturdy seat belts
  2. Well-padded interior which even covers the exposed parts of the cart
  3. Hundred percent cotton exterior which is convenient for cleaning and is reversible at the same time
  4. Two loops for toys and two pockets for baby items
  5. It can also be used on high chairs easily

The product can be bought from, Amazon, ToysRus, Target

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