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Thanks for the Hits! September 2008 Traffic Numbers

Now that summer is over and people are back inside, sitting on their butts in front of a computer, my traffic numbers are on the upswing. While the summer doldrums brought lower than normal traffic numbers for my site, I still blew away the stats from just a year before. And just like August 2008 traffic was almost double August 2007, September 2008 traffic was almost double September 2007!

Sept 2007:

Visitors: 16308
Pageviews: 26588

Sept 2008:

Visitors: 31684
Pageviews: 50730


While I haven’t crossed the 2,000 subscriber mark yet, I’m hoping to do so this month. My peak in September was 1,953. Oooh, so close!

How about helping me get to 2,000 by either pulling my RSS feed or subscribing via email.

Traffic Sources

At a high level:

Search Engines: 45%

Referring Sites: 30%

Direct Traffic: 25%

At the end of the month, I had a slew of direct visitors, but as I found out with more analysis, Google Analytics was tagging them incorrectly. Actually, these visitors came from MSN or USNews to read my “Lower your household cleaning costs by 2000%” article. I got 2 months of hits out of this article as USNews featured it in August, and then MSN Saving and Debt blog picked it up again last week.

Top Personal Finance Blog Referrers

And now to what everyone (or at least every PF blog) reads this article for: my top referrers for September. You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-).

  1. (4) No Credit Needed
  2. (2) My Money Blog
  3. (-) The Simple Dollar
  4. (3) Five Cent Nickel
  5. (5) Canadian Capitalist (PFN Buddy!)
  6. (1) MSN Smart Spending
  7. (6) Quest for Four Pillars (PFN Buddy!)
  8. (7) Squawkfox (PFN Buddy!)
  9. (-) Free Money Finance
  10. (9) Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and (-) Blunt Money (PFN Buddy!)

As a note, the 5th PFN buddy, MoneyNing, barely missed the #10 spot. He was #11.

Top Non-PF Blog Referrers

  1. Google Search (37%)
  2. Direct Traffic (25%)
  3. Yahoo! Search (4%)
  4. Google Reader and Homepage (3%)
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. MSN Money
  7. AOL Search
  8. MSN Search (MSN and/or Live Search)
  9. MetaSearch

Again, thanks to all my readers, fellow bloggers, commenters and scrapers for making this site such a success!

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