Thanks for the Hits: October 2008 Traffic Numbers


I’ve crossed 2,000 subscribers! The peak was on October 20th with 2104 people subscribing to either my RSS feed or subscribing via email. What’s my next goal? Well I guess 2,500?

Traffic Sources

At a high level:

Search Engines: 50%

Referring Sites: 29%

Direct Traffic: 21%

I’ve finally crossed the 50% mark for search engine visitors for a full month! While I don’t make money (yet) from people just visiting my site, search engine visitors are more likely to click through advertisements than my regular readers. As my search engine traffic goes up, so does my Google Adsense revenue.

As a side-note, my other site, Building Nutrition, gets almost 78% of its traffic from search engine visitors.

Top Personal Finance Blog Referrers

And now to what everyone (or at least every PF blog) reads this article for: my top referrers for September. You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-).

  1. (5) Canadian Capitalist (PFN Buddy!)
  2. (2) My Money Blog
  3. (1) No Credit Needed
  4. (4) Five Cent Nickel
  5. (-) Frugal Dad
  6. (8) Squawkfox (PFN Buddy!)
  7. (9) Free Money Finance
  8. (-) Mighty Bargain Hunter
  9. (-) My Two Dollars
  10. (7) Quest for Four Pillars (PFN Buddy!)

Top Non-PF Blog Referrers

  1. Google Search (42%)
  2. Direct Traffic (21%)
  3. Yahoo! Search (4%)
  4. Google Reader and Homepage (3%)
  5. MSN Search
  6. StumbleUpon
  7. AOL Search
  8. Live Search

Again, thanks to all my readers, fellow bloggers, commenters and scrapers for making this site such a success! Actually, no thanks to my scrapers. You’ll be hearing from me soon…

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