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Thanks for the Hits: January 2008 Top Traffic Referrers

Is it just me or did the first half of January fly by while the second half just dragged on? Well, it’s finally the end of the month and you know what that means, right?STATISTICS!

January 2008 Top Traffic Referrers

First, let’s see the 5 non-personal finance blog sites who sent me traffic. The rankings shown are also their overall ranking among all referrals (i.e. no blogs in the top 5). These stats are from Google Analytics:

  1. Google Search (32% of all traffic)
  2. Direct (19%)
  3. Google Reader and iGoogle (5%)
  4. Yahoo Search (2.5%)
  5. StumbleUpon (2.1%) – Thanks for stumbling my articles!

Now for the top 10 PF blog referrers. You’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-). I won’t be showing the total percent of traffic though:

  1. (3) The Simple Dollar
  2. (5) Five Cent Nickel
  3. (4) My Money Blog
  4. (1) No Credit Needed
  5. (-) Mrs. Micah
  6. (-) Single Guy Money
  7. (2) Blogging Away Debt
  8. (6) I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…
  9. (7) Mighty Bargain Hunter

Wow, there was definitely a shuffling of the order compared to last month, including a few new referrers like Mrs. Micah and Single Guy Money. Thanks guys and gals!

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