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Thanks for the Hits: February 2008 Top Referrals and Other Stats

When I write up these end-of-month traffic reviews, I generally just use Google Analytics’ numbers. However, I have Statcounter and Sitemeter also running on my site, and this past month, February 2008, will require the use of all 3 metrics.

February was a big month

Back in March 2007, I had a great month, but it was all thanks to Digg and Lifehacker. I had 42564 visitors and 54784 pageviews. I still don’t think I’ll come close to that month for a while. At least with natural growth, not Digg/Lifehacker days again.

As for last month, February 2008 is a split between 2nd and 3rd best month ever. According to Statcounter:

Visitors: 22081
Pageviews: 37358

But, according to Sitemeter:

Visitors: 19901
Pageviews: 37500

The 2000+ difference in visitors with Sitemeter places it in 3rd behind October 2007. In October, Trent sent a lot of traffic my way. But no matter what, it means that more people are reading even more pages each month compared to the last. And the best part of the February numbers is that it was all “natural growth”. I didn’t have any single day that messed up the average like I did last March and October.

Top Referrers

First up, let’s see what personal finance blogs sent the most traffic my way. As usual, you’ll see last month’s rank after the new rank in (). If they weren’t ranked last month, you’ll see a (-). I won’t be showing the total percent of traffic though:

  1. (-) MSN Smart Spending
  2. (4) No Credit Needed
  3. (2) Five Cent Nickel
  4. (-) Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials
  5. (-) Cheap Healthy Good
  6. (3) My Money Blog
  7. (7) Single Guy Money
  8. (-) Make Love, Not Debt
  9. (9) I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…
  10. (-) The Financial Blogger

The Simple Dollar (#1 in January) wasn’t even in the top 25 last month! Hmph! But once again, thank you for the referrals. I would have piddly amounts of traffic if it weren’t for other bloggers.

And now let’s see the 5 non-personal finance blog sites who sent me traffic. The rankings shown are also their overall ranking among all referrals. These stats are also from Google Analytics:

  1. Google Search (31% of all traffic)
  2. Direct Traffic (17.85%)
  3. Google Reader and Homepage (3.93%)
  4. Yahoo Search (2.91%)
  5. StumbleUpon (2.32%)

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