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Super Mario Galaxy Success!

I did it! I got all 242 stars in Super Mario Galaxy!

Warning: Spoilers Inside:

It took 43 days and quite a few late nights the last few days to do it, but first I got all 120 stars as Mario, beat Bowser twice (you need to), and then got all 120 stars and beat Bowser twice as Luigi too.

After beating Bowser the last time as Luigi, I unlocked the Grand Finale Galaxy, which is basically the party that got crashed at the beginning of the game. I had to collect 100 purple coins and then the 121st star appeared. I then did it again as Mario for the last star.

I won’t give away how to get to this final galaxy, except to “think green“. It’s a little tricky to find the launch star for it. Oh, and the hardest star to get? The purple coins in Toy Land, by far! I went through at least 110 lives for that one!

UPDATE: Per Mrs. Micah’s comment, here is a site I used a couple times for those really hard to find hidden stars:

I was able to play so much in the last few days (well over 12 hours) because my back doesn’t hurt much when playing (and sitting in my crappy Ikea chair). Also, Stacie got me a massaging chair pad for Christmas and that helps too.

The long nights and lack of sleep during the day caught up to me and we both slept for over 11 hours today. We really needed it. Also, surprisingly, my back didn’t hurt all day until this evening, and not much at that. I didn’t take any medication until about 9:30pm (it’s almost 10:30pm now). Maybe I just needed to rest it? Hopefully this is a sign that I’m getting better? Well, I’m still going for the MRI and rehab on Monday!

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  • Yay!!! 🙂 I was watching the review on G4’s game review show (whose name might get my comment flagged). It looks pretty awesome. I should watch their cheating show more often and see if they have an episode on how to find some of the special stars.

    So glad to hear you back is feeling better! MRI and rehab are still good ideas.

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  • Congrats again! I’m really lagging behind. I haven’t played the game for weeks. I’ll have to put some time in before I have to go back to work.

  • I am so far behind, I think we have 60-something stars. We haven’t really played lately. And I figure it’ll be February at least before we finish as mario. Oh well it does stretch out the cost of us buying the game.

  • I got my last star today!

    I got them all over the past week and a half, and I gotta say, I’m glad I finally finished. Those purple coins in Toy Town were HARD.

    They might not have been the hardest in the game though, some of those other purple coin challenges were annoying.

    Great game, now onto Super Mario Galaxy 2!

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