Sunday Comics – Arlington, VA: The Rap

I was watching the news this morning when they featured a parody rap by a local guy named Remy ( He has about 40 videos on his site, but this is the first one I’ve seen. It’s a parody rap about living in Arlington County, Virginia. Having worked in Arlington, I would say it’s pretty spot on…and HILARIOUS!!!

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  • Well I don’t know about Arlington, but we in Malaysia are booming thanks to China ! We in Malaysia are enjoying high growth and high inflation, I do not understand all this complaining. We have to thank China for our strong growth as our economy was going down until March 2009 and China rescued us by buying our commodities. Currently there is strong job market, 2 jobs for every worker, we have to import in foreign labour to do jobs that locals do not want to do ! We have high inflation, an example is a local dessert called “cendol” selling for $1.20 in local currency a month ago, is now selling for $ 1.80 in local currency. Thats a hefty increase, so don’t complain, enjoy the boom ! If we need more money we can job hop to a higher salary, you should try it, it is so easy as there is so much money available right now !

  • God, that was hillarious! He’s got others on the website and they are pretty spot on. funny stuff. thx for linking.

  • should have posted the “It’s been declined…” video he did–that is, keeping in the FP theme. Although I can’t get enough of the Arlington one.

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