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Stupid quote of the day – Watch our pennies!

While reading our local Washington Post “Express” newspaper on the metro this morning, I had a “Roll the eyes” moment. They had an article titled Prices at the Pump Starting to Climb

Here’s the quote (with bold added by me):

It kills me,” said Gloria Nunez, 53, as she filled her Ford Explorer SUV at a San Jose gas station. Nunez, a clerk for a communications company, has started working a couple hours of overtime each week to help soften the blow.

“All of a sudden you kind of have to watch your pennies,” she said.

Really? You think you should just watch how you’re driving now that gas is a quarter more per gallon? Before today, nothing made you think “Hey, I’m paying over $2.00 a gallon right now, and it’s not going to change for a long, long time, if ever, so I’ll be a contentious driver and conserve fuel from now on”?

Honestly, people get used to a certain price as a “Way of Life”. No one will really change their driving habits until there’s a DRASTIC change in gas prices.

Did you think it was a stupid quote?

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  • …as she filled her Ford Explorer SUV…

    There’s the stupid part right there. If you drive an SUV, you are not allowed to complain about gas prices.

  • People in this country have very short attentions spans… if it is not affecting them right now, it is off the radar.

    “as she filled her Ford Explorer SUV” says it all… but who am i to criticize, my wife has an explorer despite my loathing for all things SUV.

    it will take more than $3/gallon gas to motivate people to change to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


  • The gas-price complaints never add up. Let’s say someone drives 13,000 miles at 18mpg (probably in the ballpark for an explorer). That’s 722 gallons per year, or around $1500 at $2.00 per gallon. The incremental gas cost from gas going to $3.00 per gallon is $750 per year.

    Now I’m pretty sure that someone complaining about gas prices is financing his or her car. A $30,000 explorer financed over 5 years is probably costing around $7000 per year in payments. Maybe less if she had a big downpayment, but I’m betting Gloria hadn’t saved much for this vehicle purchase.

    So she’s already paying about $8500 per year for her car. And a 9% increase is going to break the bank? There are so many ways to solve that problem besides working overtime. She could drive less. I’m willing to bet that nearly everyone could cut 25% off the miles they drive with a little forethought. She could trade down to a more reasonable car. She could carpool. She could buy a bicycle.

    I have no sympathy for those who complain about gas prices. Driving a car is not a right, and driving an inefficient car that you cannot afford is just stupid.

  • My grandmother who was born in 1900 and always had money saved in the bank until she died in 1998 said, “watch your pennies, the dollars will take care of themselve”.

  • the point being, that it’s shocking that people aren’t always watching their pennies. Sam Walton admitted in his autobiography that he had a keen ability to spot pennies on the ground, and picked them up, even after he became very wealthy.

  • then again, NO ONE who voted for BUSH has a right to complain about anything in this economy or ANYTHING that is happening in the world, ESPECIALLY about the price of gas.

    you made the bed, now sleep in it.

  • both repugnant republican and democrats in DC are to blame, buster. While Bush has earned the legacy of being one of the worst President’s ever for a variety of reasons, the last time i checked, repubs and dems populate both houses of congress and sent the wreckless spending bills up to the Oval Office for the President’s signature. Or put another way, what are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid really fixing to reverse the Bush led damage? Nothing. When Ben Bernanke goes before dem controlled Congressional committees these days and says we’ve got 40 TRILLION in unfunded future mandates and you guys better do something about it – what do they do???????????? huh? Stare blankly back!!!!

    So stop with the garbage that Bush voters “made the bed”. You made the bed, I made the bed, we all made the bed for being lazy, complacent Americans for allowing republicans and dems in Washington spend like druken sailors over the last several years. How dare you try to stand there polarize and look like the innocent one, and blame. Your crap stinks just as much buddy.

  • good try to spin the truth, but it fails miserably.

    we are fighting a war for oil…bush LIED to get us into this conflict, with his constant lies of “wmd’s” and everything else under the sun.

    the guy is in bed with more oil companies then any past president, but yet, you try to make this a democrat/republican issue, which is a misdirection apologist tactic.

    bush lied to the people, he is fighting a war just for oil (read the pnac webpage) and moreso, he should be held for treason, not impeached, but treason for his actions.

    go drink the hannity koolaid.

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