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Stock Pick Tournament: Just comment here by Sunday night!

Blain at Stock Trading 101 has organized a stock trading competition amongst a few of us finance blogs from Monday through Friday next week (April 9-13th). I need you, my readers, to participate! You don’t need to be experienced in investing AT ALL. If you’ve read my “about” posts, you know I’m no experienced investor either.

Here’s how it works

Full details are at Stock Trading 101, but here’s the lowdown:

Leave a comment on this post BY SUNDAY, APRIL 8th at 8:59pm EST with the following 2 things:

1. One stock (represented by a ticker symbol) that you think will provide a high return for the week (stock picks must cost over $1 per share).

2. Predict the value at which you think the Nasdaq will close on Friday the 13th.

Now, how easy is that? A monkey can play this game!!!

There are three ways to win: having the top stock pick, closest Nasdaq close, or best overall community pick average.

What do you win?: Love. Your name (and URL if you have one) will be posted on the leaderboard at the close of each day next week.

Here are the other participating blogs (when others are confirmed, I will add their link):
Stock Trading 101
Million Dollar Journey
Money Matter and More Musings

UPDATE: COMMENTS HAVE BEEN DISABLED. CONTEST IS SET TO BEGIN ON MONDAY, APRIL 9th. I’ll be posting a the daily results when Blain makes them available.

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