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Still time to enter to win “Millionaire by Thirty”

Just a reminder that the contest to win the book “Millionaire by Thirty” (reviewed here) closes tonight. Also, I’d like to remind you that anyone who enters the contest multiple times is disqualified. Although, not explicitly stated as that in the rules, I did say you can only enter ONE time. I had one guy (“Mr. C”) enter 3 times with 3 different comments.

I’m verifying comments based on your IP. When I randomly draw the winner, I’ll check your IP and if there’s a match (or similarity), then you’re disqualified and I draw again. So only enter ONCE!

I’m currently reading Does Your Bag Have Holes? by Cameron C. Taylor, which is turning out to be a very interesting, insightful and inspirational read and I’m not sure I’ll want to give the book away when I’m done! The book is about finances, but with a very strong Christian foundation and stance. I’m in no way a “Bible-thumper”, but the book is making me realize I’m struggling because I don’t have a goal or purpose in my life right now. I know I need to share the book with all of you, so I’m sure I’ll eventually give it away in a contest, so keep on the lookout for it.

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