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Stellar Service: 7 Benefits of Serviced Offices

Renting office space can be an enjoyable experience or a testing one. It really depends on where your business is located. Across Asia, there is a huge variety of corporate cultures and communities. There are sprawling, bustling metropolises like Hong Kong and Singapore, where rent prices are among the highest in the world.

There are also fast developing regions like Indonesia and Thailand, where infrastructure is still maturing, but rental rates are low. The point is office leasing experiences are shaped by the place you call home. So, it’s important to get up close and personal with the options available in your city. Fortunately, Bangkok is filled with dynamic and exciting real estate.

One popular option, particularly for smaller businesses, is the serviced office. Here are just some of the benefits of services offices and how they can help your business.

The Best of Locations

To start with, serviced offices are a cut above the rest. They’re very different to traditional leases because they’re run by a company (instead of a single landlord), and they occupy some of the most iconic neighbourhoods in Bangkok. They are your ticket to a superb location.

The Tiniest of Overheads

In order to secure one of the best spots in the city, you’ve got to be willing to pay high prices. However, be aware that ‘high ticket’ serviced offices come with more than just a lease. They also include all key utilities, from heating to lighting, cleaning, broadband, IT support, and more.

The Freedom to Decide

If that isn’t appealing enough, know that serviced vendors offer tenants full control. Leases are never locked or limited. You’re free to pay for as many months as you like, with no obligation to stay for longer than preferred. Termination penalties don’t exist here.

The Whole Kit & Package

Most serviced suites come fully furnished, with a team of cleaners, handymen, and administrative staff to help maintain them. This means no transporting heavy furniture. You could sign the lease, move in within days, and get set up in hours.

The Accessible Experts

For a single monthly fee, you get the office, a full property management program, and access to a host of administrative resources. They include the option to set up company phone lines and mailboxes, with local area codes. You can also recruit a PA, secretary, and receptionist.

The Conference Rooms

If leasing traditionally, with a long hold contract, it’s common for businesses to have to pay for another hire when needing conference space. This is not necessary with serviced suites, as premium facilities have conferences rooms on site. They can usually be hired on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

The Opportunities for Networking

Similarly, most facilities also contain shared areas. Sometimes, these are canteen or café rooms. Other times, they are spaces designed for collaborative work. It’s worth looking for a vendor that offers them because they are a fantastic way to make connections.

The Best Way to Locate a Top Serviced Suite

For businesses in Thailand, the best place to look for an office of this calibre is in the capital city. These world-class vendors are starting to move outwards and cover areas away from Bangkok. However, for now, they are centrally located and in some very impressive neighbourhoods.

Most are housed in stunning skyscraper buildings, with commanding views of the Bangkok skyline. The goal is to create offices that make employees proud to come to work, so going serviced is all about getting what you want. The tenant is always in control here.


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