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Ah that time of year when the days grow longer and the sun shines more means for many a time of turning their eyes to the full-length mirror and sighing.

Let’s face it so many of us don’t mind piling on a few pounds over the colder months only to find we can’t fit into our shorts or swim gear and if we are lucky enough to be traveling abroad we have to do something about it and fast!

And once again its hooray for our smartphones as not only do they enable us to carry out those tasks that would take precious time from our busy days but there are apps that can help us shed those excess pounds helping us to become once again limber and lean.

It’s funny really that so many articles complain about the times we spend on our smartphones as when you begin to consider how invaluable they have become then it’s not really surprising we have our noses buried in them.

Today, we are able to do our banking, browse, shop and pay for good as well as source our entertainment like playing roulette with a live dealer so it’s not that surprising that we can also use our portable computers to help us get back in shape.

For instance, if you tell Sworkit they type of work out you are going for and the amount of time you have got to spare the app will deliver the moves for you to follow during your session even if that session is only for five minutes.

We all know that music can help us exercise as it adds that extra oomph to the workout. Motion Traxx will craft the perfect playlist and combine coaching from world class trainers with that music that is designed to set the mood and intensity.

Daily Yoga has more than 50 classes which have been shot is high definition with each sequence having a special focus. Perfect for increasing your flexibility Daily Yoga also has a library which houses detailed videos of more than 500 poses.

If you are interested in what is going into your body then ShopWell can personalise your needs perfectly. All you need to do is enter in your height, weight, age and allergies and then the app will score every single food you can think of on how healthy it is for you.

Last but not least SideChef is for those that like to try out new recipes as this app provides you with step by step voice command instructions so it doesn’t matter if your hands are sticky. You can also ask SideChef to repeat direction if it goes too fast.


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