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Sorry…Dropping Partial Feeds from My RSS Reader

Right now, I have about 98 personal finance blogs in my reader. With limited time lately, I haven’t been giving enough attention to very many, if any, articles in my reader. It’s just been too overwhelming and I need to find a way to reduce the overwhelming sense of “too much going on”.

A week or two ago, I dropped about 20 PF blogs off the list due to lack of postings or uninteresting content (or both). This time around, I’m going to take a different approach.

I’m dropping any feed that is a partial feed.

Why don’t I like partial feeds? Would you, my readers, care to read Clever Dude from your favorite reader (like Google Reader) if I switch to partial feeds? I would expect a drop of at least half my readers in the first month, if not more. So the question begs “Why do bloggers run partial feeds anyway?

The most common answer I see in the forums is because they (we) are afraid of:

  1. People ripping/scraping our feeds – I was worried about this too, and I have seen some sites, however rare, stealing full articles. However, it’s been a long time since then and lately, all I get are very tiny snippets of my articles showing up in weird “Hyundai Insurance” site feeds. I say screw the scrapers and go full-feed. You’ll get many more subscribers, unless you’re popular already.
  2. People not clicking through and visiting your site – You’ll get more annoyed readers who just skim past the headline or first few sentences, or readers that just unsubscribe as soon as they see the partial feed, than you’ll get readers that actually click through to reader your post and/or comment. I get plenty of site traffic and plenty of comments with a full feed.

There’s really no sane reason why you shouldn’t go to a full feed, but until then I’m going to have to say sorry to the following PF sites whose feed I’ll be dropping due to partial feeds. My hopes for linking back to them are that they’ll notice this post and consider switching to a full feed (and then let me know they switched):

  • Boston Gal’s Open Wallet – Actually, B-Gal’s posts are well-suited for enticing people to click due to their setup. I do click through to the site pretty often, but no longer! I demand a full feed because I want to be lazy!!
  • Everybody Loves Your Money
  • Frugal Journey
  • Saving Advice – The site already has almost 3000 subscribers, but I bet they could get way more by switching to a full feed. What are you afraid of?!?
  • This Writer’s Wallet (aka Gradgirl) UPDATE: CHANGED TO A FULL FEED!

So that was just 8 sites? Dang, Now I don’t have any other schemes to lower the number of articles I see in a day. Perhaps I should just ask Trent to post less often. Actually, I did find a few other feeds that haven’t posted in a month or more, or weren’t working properly. I’m down to about 86 PF blogs in my list, which is still pretty unwieldy. I’ll see how it goes though. However, I hope to be adding some sites back after they switch to full feeds!

P.S. I’m really glad Single Ma switched to full feed before I made this list. I’d miss her ability to enunciate words into a written form that is easy to understand, when I normally couldn’t understand them when spoken! 😉

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  • I have always hated partial feeds and I rarely click through to read the entire article. I think I’m going to eliminate some from my reader as well. I don’t know why I even keep them there!

  • Well, I’m a little slow…but I finally changed to full feed…thanks to your boot in the rear!

    My feed was partial only because I didn’t know how to get around a WordPress bug to make it full (partial feeds annoy me too!) But I finally got around to fixing it…thanks!

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