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Sorry, I don’t love you

On today, Valentine’s Day, to all the retailers telling me they love me cause I’m a customer or potential customer…No you don’t. You want my money. I don’t love you either, and I don’t feel bad about it.

To all my readers, I care about whether you’re reading my articles, listening to my advice, and adding your own comments, but I can never say I love you. Am I wrong? Do you love me? Should I feel bad?

If I’m to participate in a fake holiday (aren’t they all sort of fake?), I’m going to choose the terms of my love, and I’m not one to throw my love around.

So thanks to other writers for wishing me, as your reader, a Happy Valentine’s Day, and even telling me you love me, but the love isn’t reciprocal. Sorry. I like you, but that’s where it ends.

Happy Clever Dude Day!

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  • Hey CleverDude,
    Its ok if you don’t love me, I understand but I did want to say that I agree with you 100%. I recently had a chance to check out your site too and I love the design and content! The header is very well done. Keep up the good work Clever!
    Kind regards –

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