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Smart Car for Sale in Rockville, MD – Can you guess the price?

Turns out there’s a shiny new Smart Car sitting out in front of Flemings Ultimate Garage in Rockville, MD. We saw it while trying to find chocolate cake late last night for my wife, and stopped to see the price. Unfortunately, Flemings doesn’t list the car on their site yet.Smart Car

The price: $27,500

If they were mainstream in the U.S., they would be about $14,000-16,000 base price. However, dealers and importers here must retrofit them to U.S. emissions and safety standards. It’s pretty standard to see almost $30,000 price tags on converted Smart Cars in the U.S.

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  • I don’t understand why anyone in the US would buy a smart car. You can get the same or better mileage with a Yaris, Civic, or Prius with more interior volume and less money.

    “smart” car? Sounds like “smart” marketing to me.

  • It’s hard to comprehend the words “smart” and $30k car in the same sentence! I’m with samerwriter – I can’t see paying that kind of premium over traditional compact cars, even hybrids, already on the market.

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