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Slow day, but I donated blood

American Red Cross

I’m holding off on giving the update on the stupid thing I did yesterday (really it was Sunday) until I can resolve everything. I hope that’s by tomorrow!

However, today I donated blood for the first time with the American Red Cross. I had donated one other time at my wife’s hospital, but it wasn’t a Red Cross-hosted event.

My client was hosting Red Cross today, so I decided I should sign up. As a man, I should at least give blood somewhat regularly in order to remove excess iron from my blood. When they did the iron test, my blood droplet sank to the bottom like lead…or iron.

Overall, it took 45 minutes from signing in to finish, but it only took me 6 minutes to fill up the bag. I won my little mental contest against the other people who came in before me. The only thing that hurt was tearing the hair out of my arm with the tape.

I strongly recommend donating blood. Even if you’re not doing it to help others, do it for your health! You’ll get free cookies and maybe even a t-shirt afterwards 🙂

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  • I give you credit for doing that, I for some reason can’t find it in my to donate blood, dunno why. I think I freaked myself out as a kid and have struggled ever since. I agree it is good for the health, and come on, free cookies? thats a bargain… :p

  • Donating blood and/or blood products is a fantastic thing to do!

    Personally, I’ve donated blood or plasma 51 times.

    I started out donating blood, but switched to donating plasma. I can donate plasma once a week verses only every 56 days for whole blood.

    If you don’t think that volunteering is right for you, consider donating blood/blood products as an alternative.

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