Simple Ways to Sell your Gold for Profit

gold-513062_640Many of us have unwanted gold trinkets and jewellery lying around the home, and if they are no longer used you can turn them into some quick and easy cash. There is no great hardship to selling your gold, but you will want to make sure that you get the best price possible for what you are selling.

Here is some advice to help the process become an easy one for you.

The Type of Gold

You may think that gold is gold, and there is no difference, but if you are selling gold for scrap value that is going to be melted down, you may be able to get more money if the gold you are selling is jewellery. Companies such as Gold Buyers in Melbourne will offer you the scrap value for your gold, based on the purity and also the current market price of gold.

These types of companies are an excellent way to convert your unwanted gold into cash. So if you need some quick cash, these companies are a great option.

Get some Education

Before you start to look at selling your gold, it is worth your time and effort in doing a little bit of research first. Knowing what you are selling, and also its worth is essential. You can easily get the latest scrap gold prices in Australia, and work out how much your gold is worth. If you have various items to sell of different purity, it can then become a little bit more complicated. You could try taking your gold to jewellers or a pawn shop first, and see if you can get a rough estimate of the value. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can then look to find a buyer for your jewellery.

Selling your Gold Privately

There are many ways that you can sell your gold such as placing an advert in a local paper, placing an advert online, or even using one of the many auction sites that are about. One word of caution with auction sites, though, if you cannot set a reserve on your goods, they could end up being sold for less than they are worth. A private sale may get you a little bit more money, but it could also take a lot longer to find a buyer, so if you are in need of quick cash unless you already have a buyer, this may not be the best method for you.

So if you are looking for a quick sale, selling your gold to a pawn shop or a metal dealer will get the cash in your pocket the quickest. If you have a little bit more time available, then you can try selling your jewellery privately.

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