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Short on Cash? 7 Ways to Earn Additional Income While Still Keeping Up With Your Studies

College is a necessary expense that can help you achieve greatness in your future workplace. But with books, meals, room and board, it also comes at a hefty price. While you may start the year off with your head above the financial waters, the semesters end could see you short on cash. The following are 7 ways to earn additional income while still keeping up with your studies.

Provide Pet Care

The life of a college student can be exciting as it’s a way for you to extend your education and meet new friends from around the world. But while attending classes should be your number one priority when away at school, you may find your bank account running low. Fortunately, there are numerous unconventional job opportunities available for college students to earn money and gain relevant job experience. If you enjoy pets and miss your dog or cat, you may want to consider pet sitting. People typically prefer leaving their furry family members with a responsible individual instead of placing them in a kennel. There are a number of online sites where students can sign up for various pet sitting jobs. In addition to making money, you’ll also get to walk, play and feed dogs or cats. It’s the ideal position for animal lovers.

Act as a Tour Guide

Participating in sports and clubs can be a great way to stay active during your college years. Fraternities and sororities can also prove advantageous when you’re looking for employment after you leave college. To get in the spirit, you can sport your recruitment sorority shirt by proudly emblazoning your groups letters and wearing to various functions. The apparel can also be worn around town as you come to know your college community. Once you’ve developed a fondness for your neighborhood, you can work for companies acting as a tour guide. Internet sites such as Vayable connect locals and travelers, so they can experience the areas culture, food and historic sites. Take your tour up a notch by learning everything you can about the history of the town and some of the most unique finds.

Put Your Hobbies and Skills to Work

Do you enjoy graphic design and want to develop business layouts? You may have a knack for writing and look to freelance or start your own college blog. Whatever your skills or hobbies, you want to try putting them to work for you. Fiverr is an online site where you can post various services for a particular amount of money. Extras can be added on to increase your income. The site also lists job opportunities that you may qualify for as a college student looking to make money.

Deliver Goods

Most dorm rooms need all the decorating help they can get. If you’re looking to create a homey dorm environment on a budget, you may need extra cash for some furnishings. If you’re a college student with a car, there are a number of delivery service opportunities available. You can earn extra money for campus expenses by delivering groceries, pizza and other takeout items. There are also a number of online services where you can run errands such as dry-cleaning delivery.

Care for Children

Although there aren’t typically children around your college campus, you may find opportunities to provide babysitting services to parents within the neighboring community. The hours between school letting out, and the time parent’s return from work can be an ideal job situation for everyone involved. UrbanSitter and are two sites you may be able to secure a position with.

Sell Home-Cooked Foods

Students have been known to live on ramen noodles and other easy-to-prepare meals during their college years. But if you have exceptional cooking skills, you may want to offer up your services for a fee. Whether you sell home-cooked meals to the other students or prepare baked goods, your friends are sure to love the comforts that you provide from home. If you have experience, you may also enjoy cooking meals for households who would like to have a home cooked meal ready when they get home from work.

Sell Personal Belongings

If your college schedule has left you with limited free time, you may be better suited to selling personal belongings that you no longer need. Whether it’s past year’s fashions, unused electronic gadgets or books from your courses last semester, the money can quickly add up. To garner the best price, make sure the items you sell are in good condition.

College can be challenging enough for students without having to worry about money. But if you find that your funds are limited, the above unique tips will show you how to make money and still keep up with your studies.


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