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Shopping At Kohl’s: Percent Off Coupon vs Kohl’s Cash

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Shoppers can get deep discounts on clothes shopping at Kohl’s by using either coupons for 15, 20 or even 30 percent off sent through the mail, or by earning Kohl’s Cash in one purchase to save money on the next. Standing at the register while shopping at Kohl’s with my wife over the weekend, it occurred to me these two discounts affect each other. The amount of Kohl’s cash is based on how much you spend, but the amount you spend is decreased by the percent off coupon. Would be better to pay full price to receive more Kohl’s cash, or is it better to use the percent off coupon and take a reduced amount of Kohl’s cash? Which is better, the percent off coupon or Kohl’s cash?

Before doing any analysis, let’s review how these two programs work:

Percent Off Coupon

The percent of a coupon is straightforward. You receive a discount off the percent listed on your coupon.

Kohl’s Cash

For every $50 spent, a customer receives $10 in Kohl’s Cash. Kohl’s cash is issued in $10 increments, no partial credit is given. On a return visit, customer’s can use their Kohl’s cash to get $10 off each $25 spent.


  • $0 – $24.99 spent: $0 Kohl’s cash discount can be used
  • $25 – $49.99 spent: $10 Kohl’s cash discount can be used
  • $50 – $74.99 spent: $20 Kohl’s cash discount can be used
  • $75 – $99.99 spent: $30 Kohl’s cash discount can be used

Percent off vs Kohl’s Cash

Now that we know how the two discount programs work, let’s compare using the percent off discount and getting less Kohl’s cash to using Kohl’s cash exclusively. We’ll look at 3 examples, using each of the percent off amounts (15,20 and 30%) with the following parameters:

  • Spending $50 on the initial visit, the minimum amount needed to be spent to earn $10 in Kohl’s cash
  • Spending $25 on the second visit, the minimum amount needed to use the $10 in Kohl’s cash from the initial visit.

Here’s a chart with the outcome:

Now let’s look at what happens when we bump up the amount purchased to $100, and the second visit is $50.


The only scenario in which you would save more money by using exclusively Kohl’s cash is if you were buying the exact minimum to earn Kohl’s Cash on the initial visit, and using that Kohl’s cash on the second visit. As the amount spent increases, the advantage to using the percent off coupon grows.

The next time you’re shopping at Kohl’s with a percent off coupon, you can shop with your mind at ease knowing that unless you’re spending exactly $50, you’ll be getting your best deal by using your coupon and taking whatever Kohl’s cash you get as a result.

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