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Share the Love Review #8 – The Digerati Life

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve added a site to my blogroll. I read way too my sites each day and honestly, it all gets lost in a blur. But one site stands out in both creative articles as well as honest commentary:

The Digerati Life

This “Share the Love” review is dedicated to the Silicon Valley Blogger (aka SVB). Can you guess where she lives? Yep, Antarctica! Oh wait, that’s not where Silicon Valley is? Well, then you go figure it out then.

So why add The Digerati Life to my very precious blogroll? First, SVB is a very positive thinker. I’m very negative. I think she balances my negativity, and gets me to see a different perspective through her articles, as well as her comments here at Clever Dude. She has a young family and household, and espouses sensible frugality as well as simple common sense.

Here are some of her most popular articles, mixed in with some of my favorite, more recent ones:

So, SVB, welcome to the slowly expanding Clever Dude Blogroll! You can see other Share the Love Reviews here.

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  • Oh my! Sweet pumpkin…. I’m quite tickled. I’m way happy to make it to your blogroll! 😀 Goodness I’m glad you think I sound so positive… in reality I’m just a bunch of nerves myself sometimes! hehe. But I’m truly honored to make it to your blogroll! Thank you so much for sharing so much love. I should be doing the same!

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