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Share the Love Review #7 – Getting Green

I’ve received a number of requests to be added to my blogroll over the last few months, but I admit I’ve been quite stingy. The last addition was Stock Trading 101 back in mid-April, but I’ve decided to share the love with another personal finance site…

Getting Green Finance is Personal

I read about 90 Personal Finance sites each day through Google Reader, and I tend to lose track of who is writing what. However, Getting Green’s articles always catch my attention through good titles, images, and most important: Content.

Getting Green, located at the clever URL, definitely puts “personal” back into Personal Finance, such as this article describing his own debt situation back in college, and how he escaped it. I really do envy anyone who has no debt since we still have about $68,000 non-home debt ourselves. However, just a couple of years ago, we had over $100,000 in debt at our peak (cars, student loans and credit cards).

Matt, the author of Getting Green, lives in a much different part of the U.S. than we do, and I think that contributes to his voice and content. We’re in D.C. while he is in South Dakota. We have to deal with a lot of money passing through this area, but no one is immune to the feeling of “keeping up with the Joneses”.

I’m surprised I didn’t add Getting Green to my sidebar months ago, but honestly I’m lazy. I really enjoy reading the articles (every one of them), and I think you, my readers, will enjoy reading Getting Green too!

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