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Share the Love Review #6 – Stock Trading 101

It’s been a full month since I added a site to my sidebar link list, even though I’ve had numerous requests from fellow site owners. I apologize for all the rejections, but I’m just careful about adding unfamiliar sites to my blogroll. However, if you request a link and I don’t add you, most likely I will add your site to my reader and keep an eye on it.

In this edition of Share the Love, I will review Stock Trading 101.

Stock Trading 101

About the site and owner
Stock Trading 101 is owned and operated by young (19) Blain Reinkensmeyer out of good old Michigan, USA. The site is a child of his overall non-profit Falkin Investing Organization. You’ll probably notice his name in my Top Commentators list fairly often as he’s quite the networker. You can read alot more about Blain at his About page.

Why I added the site to my list
Cause Blain was a frequent commenter on my site, linked to my articles on his site, and invited me to join a multi-site stock picking contest. Oh, and I don’t have much about Investing in my blogroll, and Blain writes so that I can sort of understand what he’s talking about. (hint: write some more newbie articles!)

Critical review of the site
Now, take the advice for what it’s worth. I’m no SEO expert, but I read their articles!

Blain has a pretty basic, 2-column layout with easy-to-read text. However, one suggestion right off the bat would be to reduce the amount of stuff in the sidebar. Just keep what makes you money or pleases your readers.

Also, try placing the menu bar (with Home, About and Stock Education links) below the header image, rather than at the very top. If you want advertisers to see your “Advertise Here” link, don’t make it look like an advertisement 🙂

Keep up the great work Blain!

Keep the requests coming in. If I don’t choose you for a review and sidebar link, I’ll hopefully tell you why. However, it may take me a few days to gain the tact needed to say why. Don’t let that discourage you though! It takes me over an hour to write one of these reviews since I go back through your archives and your About information to get a good idea of who you are, what you write about, how you write, and so forth. I’m a quick writer, but a slow reader.

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