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Share the Love Review #3 – Millionster

This issue of Share the Love is to review a site I added last month, but hadn’t had time to review until now,


About the Writer
Millionster has been up for about a year now (based on the archives), but has been recently “relaunched”. They actually have two authors: 1mil (Juan Millón) and Forojuan (Foro Juan Que). I’m more familiar with 1mil through various email conversations and comments on each other’s sites, but each author seems to contribute equally to the site’s content.

From their Welcome to post: (version 2.0.7) is a multiuser Personal Wealth site dedicated to developing a community whose main goal is to achieve true wealth through the attainment and sharing, of knowledge, insight and experience. We create and discover content, develop tools, and build relationships as a means to this end. officially relaunched on Jan 1 2007.

Millionster’s Goal

Whether you’ve just opened your first bank account, or made your first million on stocks and real estate, we want to be part of your journey and we would like you to be a part of our budding community.

Three things that really impress me about Millionster are:
1. The authors’ sheer energy and enthusiasm. They aren’t afraid to self-promote, but they do it respectfully. Also, they come up with new ways of organizing and presenting their articles such as economic experiments and themes
2. Their graphics skills are AMAZING! Oh, and they tricked me with their Creditol ad. I had an off-day and didn’t read too closely. I thought Creditol was a real drug!
3. Their ability to bring seemingly off-topic articles back to personal finance such as Losing Weight and Gaining Control.

Why I linked to this site
Well, one reason was because 1mil linked to Clever Dude. And then he asked me to link to Millionster. However, he didn’t just add any normal link. He made a fancy chicklet:

Clever Dude

How your site can be featured on Share the Love

About the author

Clever Dude


  • I absolutely LOVE millionster too. They made me a fancy chiclet also and Juan has been very helpful. They wrote a ‘fabulous’ edition of a carnival for me and the Millionster guys respond quickly (and humorously) to all emails and comments. I am happy to be linked to them as the Milllionster site is a very positive place.

  • I can’t help but to blush even slightly. ^_^

    Ok, now I have to write a speech.. lol

    *says in a stern voice* : Just to put the facts on the table, we made the chiclet for all the bloggers we felt had contributed to Millionster in some way, –not to get link backs or for “polite self promotion.”

    In fact a lot of the people we made chiclets for didn’t bother to acknowledge them, let alone any linkback.– So I have a thing or two to say about that, but I won’t.

    *shakes a finger at the internet*

    And Mike, I genuinely appreciate everything you’ve done for us/me, and the only way I know how to demonstrate that is to do things like making chiclets or I dunno, emailing you every other day, or by offering my help whenever you need it.

    Whether it’s simply coming by and sharing your feedback, or like the time you pulled through for me when I was asking everyone to support Tim’s 1 year blogiversary — another person I have high regards for — you did. You didn’t have to, but you did.

    Oh, the little things in life are oft neglected, but I never forget the people that matter to me.


    ^blushes again^

    I am speechless.
    Thank you for the kind words!

    Mike thanks for the Link Love!

    Let’s spread more love shall we? I can’t wait to see who you’ll feature next…

    (btw Forojuan can be shy at times, but maybe he’ll come around, I dunno lol, I try.)

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