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Saving Money On Your Wedding Without Giving Up On Luxury

Your wedding day is one of the most important you’ll come across in your life and it’s understandable that most of us want to drench this particular occasion in luxury. Delicious food, good company and even better music can all make your wedding day something extremely special but they can also put quite the strain on your wedding budget. While some turn to bad credit payday loans in a financial emergency, keeping your wedding in-budget without giving up on luxury is key to enjoying not only your big day, but the weeks after it too! Here, we’re exploring exactly how you can do just that.

Consider A Longer Engagement

While most happy couples want to rush through their engagement to finally get to their all-important wedding day, the longer the engagement, the more likely you are to save money without having to give up any of the luxuries you’ve been dreaming of. Not only will you have more time to save up a substantial budget, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick and choose dates, suppliers, venues and more due to better availability overall. This could work out a lot cheaper, especially when you consider that a lot of companies charge more for last minute service.

Dual-Purpose Wedding Venues

While you might have your heart set on a church wedding, choosing a dual-purpose wedding can be the ideal way to save a bit of money, improve convenience and ultimately save you money. Some dual-purpose venues even have chapels on-site, though this will ultimately depend on the venue that you choose, where you’re planning to get married and the budget that you have. You can break up each section of your wedding with smaller events like cocktail hours or a few appetizers to transition smoothly between the two.

Catering Included

The best way you can save money on your wedding is to try and book a venue that offers catering as part of their overall price. All-inclusive venues are becoming more and more common and can not only offer a better price, but improved convenience and could even save you research time that you can go on to put towards a different part of your wedding. In ‘all-inclusive’ situations, it’s likely that you’ll also get a DJ, photography, flowers and decoration included too, which could be ideal for those with limited time.

A Smaller Cake

Even if you have hundreds of guests at your wedding, opt for a smaller cake. Wedding cakes are notoriously expensive, so opting for a small, beautiful but lower-cost alternative is probably best. You can use this cake just for you and your significant other, and treat the guests to a cheaper but equally as delicious tray-bake that is kept back in the kitchen. These often come with limited decoration, but just as much attention into flavour and toppings.

Do Research!

Most importantly, however, it’s important to do your research. You need to make sure that you’re getting the best price for the best service without needing to compromise on either and the best way to do exactly that is to make sure that you do your research. Lesser-known photographers can often charge much less than their more famous counterparts but offer the same level of service, if not better. There is plenty of hidden talent out there and to make it all that much sweeter, this talent is usually the kind that has availability when you need it!

You deserve the best for your wedding day but we understand that not everyone can afford the epitome of high-end luxury. However, it’s still possible to get all the luxury you dream of without needing to pay excessive price tags, and hopefully our simple guide has helped you do exactly that.


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