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Save While You Shop with Cash Back Rewards

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Coupons are all the rage these days. Or so it would seem, as PR Web reports that 71% of millennials in 2014 have taken advantage of coupons and other promotional offers. It isn’t just millennials who are in on the savings though. eMarketer reports that 55% of all Internet users over 18 will redeem coupons or use coupon codes before the year ends. And year over year changes? Coupon code users are now up by as much as 8% from last year.

Most attribute the growth to the use of smartphones and tablets and the spread of so many digital channels now accessible via mobile and often through mobile apps on a daily basis. Still in line, Nielsen’s July 2014 article also reports that 67% of Americans look for different ways to spend less on food, entertainment and household expenses. All these statistics point to the same idea: that saving money is at the top of everyone’s minds. And one of the best ways to save while you shop is to use digital coupons and cash back offers.  


Winter is the Season for Cash Back 

If you use cash back sites regularly, you know that winter is the best season for getting cash back. With holiday spending and extra time off to spend with family and friends, winter shoppers are raking in the savings with cash back on almost all of their online purchases. Granted, it does take a little planning on your part to take full advantage of online cash back offers, but the rewards with saving are worth the small amount of extra effort. 

Retailers: eBay and Beyond 

One of the best shopping sites to visit is eBay. As plenty of sites offer coupons for this retail and resale behemoth, eBay is an almost guaranteed place to find savings on anything you want to buy.

Sites like Ebates offer eBay coupons with a cash back reward of 5% for toys and hobby products, 4% on health and beauty, 4% on sporting goods and many more. With one of the most extensive product listings on the Internet, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on eBay. The newest titles for your book loving pal? Check. How about baby shoes for your sister’s new baby? Got that in the bag. Maybe even pet supplies for your cat? Sure thing. With cash back rewards on nearly every product on eBay, it’s more than a great deal for you—it’s the smart one. 

Check Cash Back Return Dates

If you think four months is too long to wait for your money, try to find other cash back sites that offer you faster return schedules. However, you also have to manage any personal expectations you might have. Thinking it’s as easy as putting an order today and getting the cash back in the next twenty four hours isn’t a realistic estimate. But some sites make it as easy as possible to get your cash back, with options for checks or convenient PayPal transfers. 

Shop Around for a Cash Back Site 

Hunting for a cash back offers doesn’t need to be a rushed process. Have some fun with it and shop around! Sure, you want to take advantage of any deals while they last, but there will always be great offers for you on the top sites. Look for sites that regularly update their offerings, sites that partner with a wide variety of retailers to cover all of your shopping bases, and of course, look for the sites that let you take advantage of cash back deals without paying a subscription fee. They’re out there, you just have to start looking!

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