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Save Time And Money With The Gift Wrapping Table At Bed, Bath, And Beyond


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Quiz time, Clever Friends: What do most people forget to include when estimating the cost of a wedding present?

Answer: The materials needed to wrap the gift.

Whether it be wrapping paper, a gift bag, ribbon, or all three, most people forget about the cost of these items when budgeting the cost of a wedding gift.  I thought of this as my wife and I were walking through Bed, Bath, And Beyond with a wedding registry in hand searching for the perfect wedding present for my wife’s co-worker.  We were armed with a 20% off coupon, but we had a set spending limit, and I wanted to make sure my wife and I stuck to it.

When our transaction was complete, the cashier handed us the receipt and told us we were welcome to head over to the gift wrapping station.

Gift wrapping station?

Sure enough, in the middle of the aisle in front of the towel section was a big flat table complete with all the items needed to wrap our present:

  • Boxes of varying sizes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

My wife and I got to work on the large surface and had our gift looking pretty in a matter of minutes. We both commented on how awesome it was that Bed, Bath, And Beyond had this service available. The gift wrapping station provided us with several advantages:

  • Saved Money: No need to buy wrapping supplies, they were all right there!
  • No Waste: I can’t count the number of times that I’ve purchased a roll of wedding wrapping paper, used part of it, and then it got stuck in the back of a closet. By the time the next wedding came around I either forgot it was there and bought a new role, or it somehow got destroyed.
  • Saved Time: If we would have had to buy our own wrapping supplies, we would have had to go to another store. We were already pinched for time, so not having to do this was priceless.
  • Convenience: We walked out of Bed, Bath, and Beyond with our gift wrapped and ready to go. That was a great feeling!

We didn’t know about the gift wrapping station at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Between the huge selection of products and the gift wrapping station, it’s definitely now our first choice retailer for wedding presents.


Did you know Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a gift wrapping station? Would you use it if you bought a wedding present there?

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