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Save Some Extra Money Without Changing Your Shopping Habits

InvestingDollars_1We are constantly looking for ways in which we can save a little extra money, whether that’s through being more energy efficient or reducing our waste. Generally, the quickest way in which you can save money is by being a bit more frugal and reducing your expenditure which can mean significantly curb your spending habits. But what if there was a way in which you could have some extra money while still keeping your shopping expenditure at the same level? We’ve discovered a way in which you can do just that!

Saivian is a company which does just that, promising 20% cashback on your everyday purchases. For a monthly membership of $125, Saivian unlocks an opportunity for you to save money as you shop. Getting started is simple – just download the Saivian Android app from the Google store, submit your membership and register your top 10 stores that you shop in most frequently. Make sure that these stores are included in Saivian’s list of affiliates as you won’t receive any cashback in respect of non-affiliate purchases.

Once you have followed these steps, you can start reaping the rewards of being a member of the Saivian community. Having made your purchases, simply scan and upload a copy of the receipt showing the card details that you have registered and Saivian will process your claim and you can watch your cash back stored begin to accumulate.

Redeeming your cash is just as easy. You can make your first withdrawal from your cashback stores 30 days after you register and then you can withdraw every 30 days thereafter, redeeming your cash in $125 – $250 increments.

Saivian offer two types of membership. There is a Retail Shopping Membership (RSM) which you can use to earn cashback on your retail shopping as well as a Global Travel Membership (GTM) which allows you to earn cashback on your travel expenses that. Depending on whether you are a regular shopper or a regular flier, you can choose the membership which bests suits you.

Saivian also offer you an opportunity to earn money by promoting its opportunities to your friends and family. Not only that but by sharing the membership benefits of Saivian with your nearest and dearest, you can become an important part in growing and expanding the reach of this money-earning opportunity.

So what do Saivian do with the information they collect through the processing of your receipts? Simply put, Saivian trade the information collected with their affiliate partners. The affiliates, in turn, use this information to better understand what products are popular, what the emerging consumer shopping trends are and other such information, creating a better shopping experience for all!

Pay particular attention to the steps that you must follow in order to successfully complete a claim for cash back to ensure that you minimise your margin of error. Saivian could be your chance to start reaping considerable rewards from your shopping habits so we think it’s well worth looking into!

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