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Save Money By Sharing Wireless Internet With Neighbors

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Sitting at the kitchen table working on my laptop, I was surprised to discover I was connected to my neighbor’s wireless network. Apparently, as I pulled into the driveway with my computer with me,  it found the network and connected.  I surfed around the internet for a few minutes and noted that it seemed to work perfectly. I wondered if a person could save some money by sharing wireless internet with neighbors.

The implementation of sharing wireless internet with neighbors is pretty easy. One of us cancels our internet subscription, while the other shares their network security password. We both use the same wireless network and split the monthly fee.

If you’ve ever considered sharing wireless internet with neighbors, there are a few things you should consider:

Signal Strength

Research states the maximum range of today’s wireless routers is 300 feet. However, obstructions such as walls, microwaves, and other electronic devices can greatly reduce the strength of the signal. Wireless routers are not really meant to cover much more than a single dwelling, but if there isn’t much space between you and your neighbor, and you purchase a quality wireless router, it just might work.


There’s a limited amount of bandwidth available through a single connection. If either household has kids (especially teens), and a lot of streaming video use occurs, you might run out of bandwidth.

Physical Access

By sharing wireless internet with neighbors, one of you will not have physical access to the cable modem and wireless router. There are times when AC power needs to be cycled to reset one or both of these pieces of equipment. If the party that has physical access to the equipment is not around the other party could be left without internet for a time.

Consequences Of Sharing Wireless Internet With Neighbors

Full disclosure here, sharing wireless internet with your neighbors may be at the least frowned upon by your internet provider if they found out.

The reason for sharing wireless internet with neighbors is to save money. But whether it will actually work for both parties involved really requires consideration of these important points. Before having one party drop their subscription, try it out for a month with both parties using the same network.

What do you think, Clever Friends, would you ever share wireless internet with neighbors to save money?


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  • A clever strategy for sure, albeit a bit unethical. I’d say look into cell providers for free hotspot deals, sometimes they offer crazy deals to get you switched onto their network!

  • Recently I have seen 3 part wifi systems. They have been pretty expensive, but google has a set for $300. These systems might be great for your idea. 2 pieces in one house and one in the neighbor’s house.

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