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Review: Uni-ball Signo 207 Anti-Check-Washing Pen

A few weeks ago, I got a review request from a gentleman at Uni-ball for the Uni-ball Signo 207 with “Super Ink”. The relation to personal finance was that this ink was specially formulated to prevent “check-washing.

While I never got around to washing any checks, I did try out the pen for just everyday writing.

Overall, the pen wrote nicely, but I did find that it put out a bit more ink than I would have liked. It’s a .70mm pen, so I think a .50mm would have worked more nicely. Also, the ink doesn’t dry fast enough and it smears easily until it dries, but that’s common among all the gel pens in my current possession. Lastly, the pen is very lightweight and feels good in the hand.

As for price, Amazon currently sells 4-packs for around $10-$12:

$2-$3 is a bit high for a pen, but if you’re a frequent check-writer, it might be wise to buy a pack. Otherwise, this pen is like any other .70mm gel pen.

I can’t attest to the claim of resistance against check-washing, but I would think if a company is putting that claim out there, they better back it up!

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