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Regain savings by exercising self-control – Tips from the experts

It is easy to open a savings account but do you think it is as easy to commit yourself towards saving money? No, that can be really hard. Starting from looking for places where you can diminish your expenses to urging into the temptation of immediate gratification and amidst all this, saving money can be definitely challenging. You got to know yourself and understand how you can discipline yourself in order to become a worthy saver. Initially, you can feel it is difficult to live on less but in the near future, it is will definitely pay off in the long term.

Once you start saving money for yourself, you have to go through the steps of exercising self-control so that you can continue with your saving goals. Here are few steps that you will take into account.

Pay towards your savings account from your paycheck

The first step that you need to take is to automate your savings account by making your money move towards your savings account, either through direct deposit or through a recurring transfer. When you move money directly towards your savings account, this is definitely the foremost step towards investing in your nest egg. Paying yourself first will clear the obstacle for saving which is not putting into the habit of saving dollars. You should put money towards your 401(k) account and this is something that you shouldn’t miss at all.

Stay away from the temptation of transferring funds

Remember that if you have the habit of raiding your account by taking out online loans after moving your money towards your savings account, this will do no good for you. If you wish to effectively boost your savings account, you have to steer clear from the urge to transfer funds back to your checking account. In order to be able to build your savings, your deposits should outnumber your withdrawals, not only in terms of number but also in terms of magnitude. Exercise enough self-control on yourself so that you can successfully control yourself.

Leverage the banking technology

The financial tech companies and banks are currently obsessed with how they can assist you in saving money and each of their products have its personal bent. While there are some products which allow you to set financial rules to saving at least $10 each time you purchase a latte, there are some others which notify you whenever you’re crossing your budget limit. MoneyLion is one such fintech app which has been launched with a VR feature on the augmented reality platform of the release of Apple iOS 11. There are indeed lots of savings options that you can take into account when you install these apps.

Henceforth, as long as saving money is concerned or leading a thrifty life, you should follow the above listed points. If needed, you may even seek help of a financial advisor who can help you in taking the best possible decisions about your personal finances.


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