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Recap: Carnival of Homeowners #7

Since I posted a few home-related articles last week, I decided to participate in some home-related carnivals. The Carnival of Homeowners was published over at Homeowners Insurance Lowdown, and along with my “Don’t fear the warranty” article, here are some of my picks:

  • Finance is Personal posts “Should a married couple combine their finances?. Not quite homeowner-related, but still a good, quick read.
  • Debt Free gives a few mortgage mistakes that can cost you money. When we applied for our mortgage, Stacie was in the midst of a job change. When we applied, she had one job, but when we would close, she had started her new job. It caused a mess at the closing table, and we had to delay closing for 3 days. That was horrible.
  • Sadie gives you a method to compare your Realtor to George Washington (with regard to values). Hmm, definitely wouldn’t have thought of that!

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