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Recap: Carnival of Home Improvement #8

This past weekend, I decided to branch out and participate in non-Personal Finance carnivals. A “Carnival” or “Festival” is a collection of like-minded stories, submitted by their authors (or the site owner that published the article). It’s a great way to read up on some of the best articles on that subject for the week, or month, or to get exposed to new sites and authors.

This weekend, I participated in the Carnival of Home Improvement, hosted by Mortgage Lowdown. Basically the site has only been posting the Carnivals (no original content), but we all need to get started somewhere I guess.

There were 11 submissions, and 7 of those got published, including my own “Pools are expensive: Our yearly costs“. I hope to make you all more aware of the yearly expenses related to owning a pool, outside of the thousands of dollars to just install the pool. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • House Chronicles tells a very humorous story about finding ghosts in the radiators. We still need to pinpoint the source of banging pipes when we run the cold water.
  • Mark Cutler details proper and innovative ways to use mirrors as decoration.

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