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Quick Tip: You Can Still Use “Dead” Batteries

I can’t claim to be an engineer, so I don’t know the intricacies of how batteries work and what level of voltage that appliances or electronics need to operate, but I found out something useful regarding batteries.

We’ve been using rechargeable batteries in our camera, but they have been holding less and less charge, and basically can’t operate the camera even when “fully charged”. But I held off from tossing the batteries completely just because they couldn’t take a picture of my posing in that dress. No no! I found a better use for them!

I know of two items that use very little charge in our household: Nintendo Wii remotes and TV remotes. I popped in those worthless batteries and have gotten weeks more use out of them (on just that one charge) and can still keep charging them up. This also goes for non-rechargeable batteries too. Don’t think that they’re useless just because they can’t be used in one electronic. Think about what low-voltage items you have in your house like remotes, or anything without moving parts or flashes. Give that digital wall clock a shot!

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