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Quick Tip: Cleaning a flower vase

Since I always have fresh-cut flowers on the dining room table for Stacie, I also have to admit that sometimes the water gets a bit stale and stains the ceramic vase. After the grime built up long enough without a way for me to clean it, I determined that I needed a solution.

How to clean a vase

toilet bowl brushSince I couldn’t fit my hand into the vase without getting it stuck and looking ridiculous, I searched around the house for another option. Immediately I stumbled upon an excellent solution:

A toilet bowl brush

The brush could get down past the tight neck into the base with minimal pressure. Don’t worry, though, I didn’t use the dirty brush. I went to Ikea (on an already planned trip) and bought a $0.99 toilet bowl brush.

Oh, you might want to mark the brush as “For Vases” so you don’t accidentally use it for the wrong porcelain 🙂

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  • Clever Dude

    I’ve always had your blog in my reader but I rarely comment. When I saw this: “I always have fresh-cut flowers on the dining room table for Stacie,” I gained a whole new respect for you. It made me smile. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  • Single Ma, glad to have you as a reader. The flowers thing was something I promised her when we got married. She’s had fresh-cut flowers for the last 4 years now. Although going to the store is now out of my way, I still enjoy seeing her reaction to my latest choice.

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