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Quick Frugal Tip: Use less shaving cream

The title almost says it all, doesn’t it? This tip actually applies to men AND women.

After shaving for the last, oh, 13 years of my life (not sure when I began), I just realized a couple weeks ago that with every shave, I wash about half of the shaving lotion down the drain after applying it to my face.

Basically, test how much lotion you actually use with each shave, and try to dispense only that amount. If you use the gel like I do (which turns into a foam as you apply it), just keep squirting less with each shave until only a thin film of foam remains on your hands after application. Then dispense that same amount in the future.

It’s really just that simple. I really could have stopped talking in the first line. Maybe I’ll stop now.

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  • heh… most likely we have different styles, but my suggestion is to: “Shave once every 2 months”.

    Of course, I end up looking like a hobo.


  • I like to be frugal as much as the next guy, but come on! A can of shaving cream costs me less than $2.00, and it takes me about 6 months to use it up. Even if I used less than half of what I normally would use there’s just not enough savings involved to spend any time thinking about this. Trying to save on shaving cream may be a bit overboard.

  • JohnG, “Frugality” doesn’t always have to be about saving money, or saving time. It could simply be about “Not being wasteful”. It’s simple to use less lotion/cream.

    Can you deny its simplicity? Do you justify waste? I’ve tried to justify waste, but if I ponder it long enough, there’s absolutely no reason for waste. Hence why we call it waste.

  • Personally, I find a cut on my face from using too little shaving cream worth the extra couple dollars per year I might spend by using more.

  • I agree with both #2 and 3. My can of Colgate cream costs about $1 and it lasts me about 7 months. I also don’t like to over use products as yes it does create waste. But then again, I agree with #4. My face is just too “blue-steel” for me to cut it all up! Hah!

  • Try shaving in the shower, you’ll feel like a women, but you don’t need much shaving cream ;-D

  • for guys, try wet shaving using a DE safety razor, silver tip badger brush, soap/cream (not that crappy gel or foam). it is cheaper in the long run and gives a better shave…at least for those who shave daily or twice daily. a bar of glycerin soap will last 6 months if not longer. a tub of cream will last 6 months if not longer.

    in addition to shaving cream in the can (yuk), you forgot the cost of disposable razors. those mach thingamajobs etc are quite spendy.

  • […] a very quick post about a frugal idea I thought up that morning while shaving. I had the idea to use less shaving cream, but I never said anything in the article about “saving money”, or even money at all. […]

  • I agree with Tim’s post – switch to using a badger shaving brush, english shaving cream and plenty of hot water – the results are astonishing!!

    As for being cheaper in the long run – I don’t think so – it’s definitely more expensive – but certainly worth it for two reasons:
    [1] it is extremely important to look after your face – especially over an activity such as shaving which most people engage in every day!
    [2] the whole experience and pleasure from using fine shaving creams

    on a final note – if you shop around – traditional wet-shaving i.e. with a shaving brush and shaving cream – need not be overly expensive – there are many affordable if not CHEAP products out there!

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